What do our families think?

Mother of Child with ASD:

“I have been very pleased and impressed with Chelsie Ozga as a Music Therapist. She is a talented musician and she is dedicated to her field; she believes in the capabilities of the children she works with and genuinely shares in their successes; she is patient, very kind and is someone I completely trust around my son. I would happily refer her services to any other family interested in trying Music Therapy as an intervention.”

Mother of Child with Aicardi Syndrome:

“Chelsie has been an integral part of my daughter’s therapy team. She has a true gift for connecting with children who are neurologically challenged and has brought so much fun and joy into our home. Most importantly, she has found so many ways to help my daughter learn to move, communicate and grow. She is very intuitive and inventive in her work, and has spurred enormous development for my child. I highly recommend the services of Music Plus and their employees. ”

Mother of Child with Apraxia:

“Mark is wonderful! My son loves him and he intuitively seems to understand how to best work with him and holds him to an appropriate high standard/expectation. I can’t say enough good things about him!”

Mother of Child with ASD:

“Chelsie has worked with my son for quite some time now, and I have always been impressed with the wonderful and creative music-based activities she comes up with for him each week. He thoroughly enjoys his time with her and I feel that his music therapy sessions have been very beneficial. One thing that we have noticed is that my son vocalizes a lot with Chelsie and this is a big deal since he has few words but the activities that Chelsie chooses encourage this kind of response from him and that is so exciting for us!

Music therapy with Chelsie has been a wonderful complement to my son’s speech and ABA therapies and Chelsie does a great job of incorporating goals from his other therapies into each and every session. ”

Mother of child with Speech Delay:

“5 Stars. Mark has a great approach to our child and makes lessons fun!”