“ok, i’m interested! how do i start receiving services?”

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. The First Step

Upon contacting Music Plus, you will receive a comprehensive consultation at no charge!

2. Next…

After assessing strengths, needs and interests, you will be assigned a Music Plus therapist.  This Music Plus therapist will complete an in-session assessment while they also focus on getting to know you as an individual.

Appropriate goals and objectives will then be set.

Because your therapy program is specialized to meet your needs, your sessions may look quite different from another person's. Music and dance therapy are clinical, standardized and evidence-based practices, but the Music Plus program is absolutely not one-size-fits-all.


3. Let’s Get Going!

After a treatment plan is in place, it's time to dance and make music!

Sessions are flexible but are typically once per week at 1 hour in length.

Music Plus provides both in-home and clinic-based therapy sessions from Fort Collins throughout the Denver area.  

If you're within 40 miles of Boulder, CO and want quality music therapy service, Music Plus will make it happen!


Snapshot of a Session:

Drumming can help develop sequencing skills and gross motor imitation!

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 7.50.15 PM.png

This client has chosen preferred words from a preferred activity: reading the Atlas.

Here he is working on drumming the right number of syllables with the music therapist.


“But his speech therapist already uses songs!  Can't I just get him an iPod?”

We're so happy to see other disciplines using songs to build skills and motivate their clients!  However, without the appropriate degree and board certification, it is not legally music/movement therapy and will not yield the same results.

While pre-recorded or "canned" music may be used in a session from time to time, no device can replace the guidance and skill of a Board Certified Music or Movement Therapist.  Passive music listening does not qualify as music therapy.

“But she already has a music teacher!”

She has a music teacher? Great! We're glad she's interested in and motivated by music.  

Let us use that interest to work on the more challenging things in her life.  

Maybe social skills? Verbal expression? Impulse control?



“What if they don't like dancing in front of other people?”

Our dance therapy services don't actually involve dance instruction or performance!

Dance therapy at Music Plus centers around socio-emotional competence, self-awareness, and healing from trauma.  

While we may encourage parents or siblings to participate from time to time, our services are typically private and focused only on the individual's comforts and needs.

“I'm just not sure I'm talented in that area...”

Music and dance therapy do not require any previous experience or affluence.  An enjoyment of rhythm, movement, or melody is all that's required to participate in and benefit from our services.  



Snapshot of a Session:


Working on past tense verbs & utilizing full and complete sentences through songwriting.

An engaging way to bring academic skills into music therapy!