Music Plus’ Programming Leads the Way in Music and Movement Therapy

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Music Plus is unique in our mental health, animal therapy, and behavioral informed approach to Music and Movement Therapy.

We specialize in creating programs that are engaging and tailored for the in-need individuals of Colorado!


Hoof beats

To join this program…

  1. Click here to contact CTRC and start the New Rider Packet.

  2. Contact Chelsie at Music Plus to complete your intake: (720) 456-0401

  3. Make sure the program schedule works for you! We currently meet on Tuesdays at 4:00pm. Click here to see the CTRC seasonal session schedule.

Click on the posters and pictures below for more information about the program!

Reach Your Peak

To join this program…

  1. Download and fill out the Safety Release Form

  2. Contact Chelsie at Music Plus to complete your intake: (720) 456-0401 or click “Register Now!”

  3. Stay tuned for updates on when our next program will begin.

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 11.10.56 AM.png

Music Therapy Hiking Group: “Reach Your Peak!”

This group will focus on…

1. Sensory Needs

2. Motor Needs

3. Social Needs

4. Safety Awareness

…by participating in songwriting, body percussion, instrumental play, singing, and so much more - while receiving natural sensory stimulation from being on the trails!

Lace up your boots: Hiking Sessions will be located in Boulder, CO.


Social Songsters