Chelsie Ozga, MT-BC, NMT

Chelsie received her B.S. in Music Therapy from SUNY Fredonia in New York. While getting her degree, Chelsie worked in a hospital as an activities aide. She spent the majority of her time working in the memory care and brain injury unit. Chelsie became extraordinarily passionate about the use of music in a medical setting when memory care patients began sharing stories after singing with her. Brain injured patients began utilizing atrophied limbs to play instruments. Best of all, the hospital had many families coming to visit.  Music gave loved ones a way to connect and become empowered.

After graduating, Chelsie moved to Colorado to become a board certified Neurologic Music Therapist.  She began working with infants, children, teens and adults with ASD, Down Syndrome, mitochondrial disorder, developmental delay, epilepsy, depression/anxiety, ADHD, dyslexia, behavioral/interpersonal disorders and sensory processing disorders.  Chelsie has also helped children work through typical but difficult issues like bullies, lack of motivation in school, low self-esteem and family issues.

Chelsie provides in-home sessions within 20 miles of Boulder, CO.


Mark McKenna, mT-bC, NMT

Mark graduated with a B.M. in Music Therapy from Arizona State University in 2013.  His primary performing instrument is tuba, and he is proficient in piano, guitar, ukulele, percussion, and voice.  After completing his internship at The Music Therapy Center of California in San Diego, Mark moved to Denver to provide music therapy services for children and teens with special needs, as well as older adults with Alzheimer's and dementia.  Mark received additional training in Neurologic Music Therapy in 2014.

Mark has been with Music Plus since 2016 and has gained experience with several populations with special needs including autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, epilepsy, behavioral disorders, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and dementia.  Mark has also developed "Let's Talk Music," a musical group for individuals in need of speech and social skills support.

Mark leads specialized group programs and provides in-home sessions as well as clinic-based sessions within 20 miles of Denver, CO.


Silvan Erb-Summers, MA, R-DMT, LPCC

Silvan is a graduate of Naropa University’s Somatic Counseling Psychology program with a focus in Dance/Movement Therapy.  He utilizes these cutting edge body-based techniques to offer clients tools for symptom relief while simultaneously working to address the root causes of discontent.  In sessions, he creates a safe space for a creative process of healing and self-empowerment to unfold for each client.  Extensive training in mindfulness and Silvan’s former professional life as an art teacher and department chair also inform his work.  He has experience supporting adults and teens, as well as counseling children and families in an elementary school setting.  Silvan is dedicated to helping clients connect with their innate wisdom and strength as a resource for creating the life they want to live.

Silvan provides in-home sessions within 20 miles of Boulder, Colorado. 

Bonnie Houpt, MT-BC

Bonnie graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy where she studied percussion as her primary instrument for four years with piano, voice, and guitar as secondary instruments. During her studies, Bonnie served as the president of the University of Georgia’s Music Therapy Student Association, serving both the Athens, GA community and the University’s music therapy student’s department. Bonnie completed her music therapy internship and provided music therapy at the Madonna School in Omaha, NE, a private school for students with disabilities. After her internship and graduation, Bonnie moved to Colorado and has provided in-home music therapy for a population she is passionate about: individuals with disabilities including autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, and other intellectual and physical disabilities.

Bonnie provides music therapy services within 20 miles of Boulder, CO.

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Kimberly DeSantis, MT-BC

Kimberly is a board certified music therapist living in Fort Collins, Colorado. Kimberly graduated from Arizona State Univeristy in 2010 completing her internship at Higher Octave Healing, a music therapy clinic for developmental and intellectual disabilities. She has over 8 years of experience in the areas of music education, geriatric psychiatry, dementia, visual impairments, severe mental illness and behavioral health, substance abuse and recovery, bereavement, adaptive recreation, and developmental and intellectual disabilities. Originally from Anaheim California, Kimberly lived in Phoenix

Arizona for 9 years. She recently relocated to northern Colorado to assist with her family's homestead and to continue her practice in music therapy. She enjoys lending her spare time and talents to organizations dedicated to helping or assisting others and furthering wellness in the community. In the near future, she hopes to compliment her practice of music therapy by pursuing a graduate degree in special education or speech and language pathology.

Kimberly provides in-home and clinic-based sessions within 20 miles of Fort Collins, CO.