“What does music therapy Sound like?”

Click below to hear for yourself:


Movement & Music/Songwriting with Bonnie

Notice in this clip:

Goal: Use movement interventions to work on 3-step directions

Notice that the client is dancing to a preferred song and listening for instructions from Bonnie (The Music Therapist).

Goal: Use songwriting to develop expressive communication

The client gives independent responses to a fill-in-the-blank song, and recalls his answers when Bonnie allows space in the music.

Instrumental Playing with Zach

Notice in this clip:

The client has to perform a variety of physical, cognitive, and verbal actions, such as:

  1. Imitation of gross and fine motor movement

  2. Interpret musical cues to play instrument(s) in a designated fashion

  3. Sequence playing instruments in a specified manner and order, as it relates to the music

  4. Impulse control & following directions

  5. Tolerance of loud sounds, and adjustments to music making by volume